What Should Makeup And Hair Cost?
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Your wedding day is one that you’ll be taking many photos on, creating memories to be cherished and held close to your heart. It’s an amazing day – and not the time to cheap out on makeup or hair! Once you’ve taken your wedding photos, there’s no changing them. Yet, as much as you want to look your best, you don’t want to be spending a ridiculous amount of money that could instead be saved and better used to cover some other wedding costs. So, what IS the right amount?

Generally, bridal makeup and hair cost somewhere between $150-$600. Expect to pay around $300 for a standard look – but the price may increase depending on what makeup and hair products your makeup artist uses. Bridesmaid makeup and hair should cost approximately $150 for each of your bridesmaids. On average, it costs $50-$75 for hairstyling and $65-75 for makeup.

What services can I expect when paying for makeup and hair?

When you pay for wedding makeup and hair, you are paying to cover the costs of the products, and for your makeup artist and hairstylist’s time. If your makeup artist or hairstylist must travel to your wedding location, this may mean the price is higher – or they may add an extra travel fee. If you want your makeup artist and hairstylist to stay on-site to do some touch-ups throughout your wedding day, this may also raise the price. Many makeup artists or hairstylists charge $30-$125 per hour.

The type of wedding makeup you choose will also affect the costs. Wedding updos cost a fair bit more than blowout hair styles, a wedding updo costing around $95 while a blowout would cost around about $55. Also, airbrush wedding makeup will most likely cost more than traditional wedding makeup.(Airbrush wedding makeup costs around $155 while traditional wedding makeup will cost around $100.) Some makeup artists and hairstylists might also offer a free makeup/hair trial or consultations to take place before the wedding – however, some may charge $50-$150 for these extra services.

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Why should I get a makeup and hair trial?

It is highly recommended to book a wedding makeup and hair trial before the big day, just to make sure you are happy with the finished look – and that both your makeup artist and your hairstylist understands exactly what you want. Getting a makeup and hair trial beforehand ensures that your makeup and hair go well together – as well as flatter your face and dress. As mentioned earlier, these trials are not always free and can cost anywhere between $50-$150, so expect to pay around $75 on average.

What add-on costs are there?

If you are looking for a glamorous or fancier makeup look of hairstyle, you should expect to be charged extra. How much you are charged will depend on the type of products used, the application and the time taken. As discussed earlier, false lashes, airbrush makeup and updo hairstyles will likely cost more. Travel fees may also be added to the bill if your makeup artist or hairstylist need to travel a great distance. If you are looking to get your bridesmaid’s makeup and hair done, this will also add to your costs – and your makeup artist or hairstylist may also need to bring an extra assistant to help.

Wedding Makeup and Hair Traditions

Who will be paying for your wedding makeup and hair ultimately depends on your situation. If you want your bridesmaids to have their makeup and hair done professionally, then the bride – or whoever is paying for the wedding – will need to cover the costs. However, if professional makeup and hair are only offered to the bridesmaids as an option, then they should be paying for this themselves. As a bride, you may consider paying for the bridesmaid’s makeup and hair as part of the bridesmaids’ traditional gift.

When should I book my wedding makeup artist and hairstylist?

It is recommended to book a wedding makeup artist and hairstylist at least three months prior to your wedding day. However, the sooner you book them, the better! Allowing yourself extra time will ensure you will find a makeup artist and hairstylist that you’re happy with and can give you the dazzling look you deserve. Allowing yourself more time will also ensure you are less stressed and more prepared for the big day. Scheduling a trial session at least a month before your wedding day will also let you critique and make any changes you might want to. Also, before booking your wedding artist and hairstylist, make sure they are within your budget and be prepared to pay a bit more if some extra costs arise.


What Should Makeup And Hair Cost?

Your wedding day is one that you’ll be taking many photos on, creating memories to be cherished and held close to your heart. It’s an

natural wedding makeup being applied

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