Top Wedding Makeup Tips

Wedding days tend to come faster than you think. And, while you spend time thinking about wedding decorations, the dress, the venue, and a thousand other things, you can easily forget about your makeup!

Your makeup can make a huge difference not just to your wedding photos, but to your overall experience on the day – so make sure to not overlook it! In particular, there are a few simple yet game-changing tips you should keep in mind while applying and choosing your makeup.

There are many factors to keep in mind when deciding your makeup, such as what colour pallet to choose, the products, and the best application methods to achieve the glamorous look you deserve. While this might seem a bit overwhelming at first, there is no need to worry!

Consider the tips listed below and you’ll have your wedding makeup sorted in no time.

Prep your skin early

Try to begin prepping your skin as early as possible. Ensure to have a well thought out skin-care routine and stick to it. A good skin-care routine makes a huge difference to your skin texture, helping to create the perfect base for makeup. The earlier you start, the firmer and more illuminating your complexion will be. You might consider getting a couple of facials done in preparation to your wedding too. However, you should get your final facial no later than 2 days before your wedding since makeup should not be applied 24-48 hours after the treatment.

Consider your wedding season

Your wedding season should play a part in deciding what makeup you will be using since this will change how you look. Using foundations, primers and oil-free moisturisers are especially pivotal for use in warmer climates as they ensure your skin does not look excessively shiny. You could even carry some oil bottling sheets to help remove any extra build-up of oil. Waxes get slightly firmer during colder weather, meaning that lip products will feel thicker and potentially even heavy on your lips. Instead, consider using light tinted lip balm and lip gloss.

Use waterproof products

There’s nothing worse than getting your makeup perfect only for it to be rubbed or smudged off halfway through your wedding. Weddings are a happy but emotional time for all, particularly for you as the bride. You’ve got to be prepared for any tears that may come during the ceremony and for anything else that may come up throughout the day. To avoid ruining your makeup, it is best to use lone wearing and waterproof products. This way, even if it rains, you’ll be all set and ready to go!

Use sponges or a brush to apply foundation

Using your fingers while applying foundation ruins the soft and smooth skin texture that foundation can help create. Your fingers may also leave fingerprints on your skin, creating an uneven and bumpy look that could show up in photos. Using sponges or brushes will help you to avoid this issue, while also preventing a build-up of dirt or bacteria on the surface of your skin.

Choose your concealer carefully

To make sure your skin ends up looking flawless, you need to first decide where you’ll be using concealer – as this will determine the kind of concealer you need. A creamy product with hints of peach will work to mask purples, blues and the dark circles that may be apparent under the eyes. If you’re looking to cover red spots, blemishes and broken capillaries, this is where thick pigmented yellow-tinted concealer comes in handy.

Layer your lips

What lipstick you choose and how you apply it can change your whole lip shape. For your wedding, try to choose a lipstick that isn’t too matte or too glossy. Avoiding overly matte or glossy lipstick helps to stop it from getting on your veil – or anywhere else where it shouldn’t be. A perfect in-between would be a moisturising lipstick that has a satin-like finish. Apply your lipstick by adding a few thin layers while blotting in-between to ensure long-lasting wear. This will also minimise the chances of your lipstick smudging.


Trial your makeup at least 3 weeks before your wedding

A makeup trial is a great opportunity to get a full grasp of your makeup. Trialling your makeup before the big day will allow you to experiment with different application techniques and various looks. This way, you’ll have a better idea of how you’ll be looking on your wedding day so you can be confident in your choice. It’ll also shine a light on any issues such as faulty makeup, mismatching foundation or clashing colours. To get the full use out of your makeup trial, try to wear clothes similar to the colour and style of your wedding dress since this will give you a better impression of how you’ll be looking on your wedding day.


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