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We would be thrilled if you decided to join the team. Grow your business with Blend Direct. We are Adelaide born and raised, and know how to find a trustworthy and quality service, especially at late notice. Be part of the new wave of customer service. 

“I’m still a little confused how exactly this works…”

  1. The potential customer answers our questions and posts their makeup enquiry
  2. Lead invitations are sent to subscribed Makeup Artists and Stylists within customers local area.
  3. The Makeup Artist then chooses to accept or decline the enquiry.
  4. An unlimited number of subscribed MUAs can accept and connect with the customer
  5. Connected MUAs can immediately contact the customer and convert the enquiry into a booking.
  6. The booking is then carried out and a review is given by the customer.

“What if I already have a booking system / diary / calendar?”

Blend Direct understands that many businesses are run through various methods whether it be online through a paid system or by classic pen and paper. We don’t want to confuse you, and are not responsible for taking any bookings. You are more than welcome to continue to use your proven system, but just with more customers 😉

“What about payments? Do the customers pay through Blend Direct?”

NO! All payments are between you and your customer.

“Does Blend Direct take any commission?”

NO! Blend Direct takes no commission from the leads you convert to appointments. The only payment is the monthly fee you have subscribed to (which will start in 30 days).

The best part is you can sign up, get 30 days completely free, and if you decide it’s not for you, you can opt-out at any time! 

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