How To Find A Makeup Service In Sydney?
Girl looking at her skin after applying makeup

No matter how good your makeup skills are, there is only so far that your makeup can go without the help of a professional makeup artist. Watching countless tutorials on YouTube or flicking through thousands of Instagram looks still does not beat the skill and experience that a makeup artist has. Having a one-on-one experience with a makeup artist or getting your makeup done at a beauty salon can prove to be very enjoyable. After going through the same mundane makeup routine each day, it may be time for a change!

Why bother booking a makeup service? It can be a great way to get yourself ready for a big occasion, giving you an opportunity to rock the look you’ve wanted to try for ages but could just never get the hang of. Makeup artists can do any look your heart desires! Whether you’re looking for a full glam or something more natural, makeup artists are pros at doing perfect eyeliner, flawless eyeshadow, and many more features that seem impossible to do yourself. They are always working on perfecting their own skills and techniques, and you can learn a lot about how to do your own makeup just by watching them do yours. Below are some tips to keep in mind while looking for the best makeup service in Sydney.

Take a look at their portfolio

Before booking a makeup service with your artist, you want to know that they are qualified and up for the job. There’s nothing worse than getting hyped for your makeup only for it to turn out dreadful. Before even considering your makeup artist, ensure to have a good look through their portfolio. 

Their portfolio should have photos of different makeup looks, giving you a better idea of what their style is and what you can expect from them. Some artists tend to only do very similar looks on very few face types – however, a good makeup artist should have photos with different looks on different face types. If they do, this means they will be able to listen to your wishes and be able to work with you regardless of your face type!

Take a look at their website or blog

Ensure to take a look at their website or blog if they have one. If they have one, this is a good sign of how dedicated the makeup artist is to their projects. As well as their portfolio, this will allow you to get a better grasp of what they’re capable of and what they can do for you. If you’re looking to get your makeup done before a wedding or another major occasion, it is highly recommended to first book a preview so that you can ensure that your makeup artist is giving you the look you want. This will also give you an opportunity to tweak and change any bits of your makeup that you aren’t happy with.

Ask about any extra charges

Depending on the products necessary for your makeup, some makeup artists may charge extra for them. So, if you have a particularly strict makeup budget you’re sticking to, make sure to ask about the extra charges before finally booking the makeup service. Some makeup artists may charge extra for false lashes and may offer extra items such as touch up kits that will add an additional cost to your bill. If you’re requiring your makeup artist to travel to you, parking fees and other travel costs will be expected to be paid by you. Other special services such as airbrushing or tattoo coverage will cost a bit more.

Describe your look to them

Ensure to describe the makeup look you’re going for to your makeup artist before booking their makeup services, just to make sure they are qualified and fully capable to make it happen. To better communicate what you want to them, try to find some Pinterest posts or photos of looks that are similar to the look you are going for. They don’t have to be completely the same – but, even if it’s just the eyeshadow or contouring you want, it’s still worth showing your makeup artist. This will clear up any confusion and will stop any misunderstandings from happening.


Look for someone who you feel comfortable with, particularly if you’re looking to book their services for a stressful event such as a wedding. You want someone who will be willing to listen to your wishes and to take your input on your makeup look, not someone who is difficult and refuses to go out of their way to make you feel confident and comfortable. Always speak up if you’re not happy with how your makeup is looking. A good makeup artist will care about your feelings – and will go out of their way to attend to any bits of makeup that need tweaking to make you happy.


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