Finding the Right Makeup Artist

Welcome to Blend Direct’s first blog post. I’m so excited to be on board with this intuitive platform that connects clients with makeup artists. Did you know that right now, you can tag on Instagram for a repost? You can read more about Blend Direct here.

My Experience in Finding an Artist

I’m Jen, an Adelaide-based makeup artist and Blend Direct’s new resident columnist. Here, you’ll find a fortnightly blog of my musings as a makeup artist, which will include tips and tricks, product reviews and soon we’ll be launching interviews too (get in touch here if you’d like to contribute). I came across Blend Direct on Instagram and reached out to the team because I like the look and feel of the platform (remember to also check out Facebook and Instagram), and the concept is one that I want to get behind. I agree that Blend Direct is an innovative way of increasing convenience for clients while simultaneously creating an avenue for makeup artists to be found. Above all, I’m a fervent advocate of collaborating within the industry and building community. We talked about ideas, direction and vision for Blend Direct; upon reflection, I was mostly excited for the potential of Blend Direct, and I hadn’t yet fully comprehended the practical use and value.

The Perfect Makeup Artist Found!

On the weekend that just passed, a prospective client reached out to me about a quote for an upcoming wedding. She had changed her mind since initially intending to do her own hair and makeup. I quoted her accordingly for travel to a regional area, which may seem like an excessive surcharge, but the reasoning is because I otherwise would’ve seen more clients that didn’t require the travel. I advised honestly that she’d get better value for money if she booked someone local to the area. It got me thinking, you can pay for a specific artist, which will sometimes cost more and give you assurance of their standard of work, but the reality is that there isn’t just one makeup artist who is the only one you can trust to do your makeup the way that you like. There are plenty of incredibly talented artists across the state. Try booking with someone new and in your local area – you could potentially be saving on travel and it’s more convenient for the makeup artist, too. Personally, my travel kit is extensive, but I have more products in my studio because I can’t carry everything, so clients who book in my studio not only save on travel, they also have access to a wider range of makeup. 

Since meeting the Blend Direct team, the anecdote I’ve shared here reminded me again about the value of it. Whether you’re a client or a makeup artist, Blend Direct is a one-stop-shop for everyone that saves you time, the inconvenience of having to browse multiple channels, and funnels the essential information into a streamlined, user-friendly platform.

Thanks again for joining us – we look forward to connecting you.


P.S Send us a message on Blend Direct if you’re a makeup artist who would like to contribute to this blog, or if you have suggestions about what you’d like to see here.


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