Do I Need A Makeup Artist For My Wedding?
Makeup being applied by professional

When you’re in the process of planning your wedding day, it can be easy to overlook your makeup! Whether makeup is or isn’t important to you, good makeup can make the difference between fantastic or ghastly wedding photos – so it’s worthwhile to give some extra thought to it. You may even consider doing your own makeup – but, while this may seem like a great way to save some extra money, we still recommend hiring a makeup artist. Wedding makeup differs greatly from your average day-to-day makeup and takes skill and training to apply properly. The reasons below highlight the benefits of hiring a makeup artist.

Skills and training

Wedding makeup artists have been specifically trained to be good at what they do, so they know the best techniques and products to use. Even if you have your own set of techniques – and hours and hours of practice – from doing your own makeup, wedding makeup requires a whole different set of skills and techniques that you may never have heard of. Wedding makeup artists will know how to make your glamorous makeup look last the full day, despite all the partying and emotional moments you’ll go through. (Let’s face it –  if you do your makeup yourself, it may start to smudge and come off after the first hour or two.) Makeup artists also know how to cover up big under-eye circles, enhance your cheekbones, and add makeup that is best for your face structure – something that you might accidentally overlook if you’re doing your own makeup.

Fast and dazzling results

Even if you are great at doing your makeup, can your skill withstand the pressures of your wedding day? Doing even the simplest look can prove too difficult on your wedding day due to all the pressures and stresses of the day distracting you. After sorting out your bridesmaids, family, venue and dress, the last thing you’d want to do is to add makeup onto the long list. Experienced makeup artists are used to working in stressful environments and conditions and can still achieve an amazing look in a limited time frame. So instead of worrying about the shape of your eyeliner, the length of your eyelashes, the texture of your foundation, hand over these worries to your makeup artist! They are much better equipped to deal with them and are worth the extra cost.


Open to your input

It’s great if one of your bridesmaids or a talented friend offers to do your makeup – but consider some factors before agreeing to this. While your friend or bridesmaid may have the skills for the job, are they open to your criticism and input? There’s nothing worse than getting a great makeup look that doesn’t resonate with you or flatter your face. Makeup artists are always open to your input; in fact, they love to hear it! It makes their job easier and allows them to give you the exact look you’re hoping to achieve. You can ask your makeup artist to redo your makeup as many times as you need, without having to constantly worry about their feelings. Makeup artists also use photos of your makeup for their portfolios, so they want you to be looking your best, too! No matter how much tweaking and effort it takes!

Knowledgeable on what will look best in photos

If you want your makeup to highlight all the wonderful features of your face, then it needs to be done differently to show up in photos. On your wedding days, when photos hold such great importance, it’s best to leave your makeup up to a professional. Contrary to popular belief, there is much more to it than just putting on loads and loads of makeup. Wedding makeup needs to be applied using special techniques, different to those you would use to do your own makeup. While the makeup look your makeup artist gives you may first appear overdone for you, this is essential to ensuring it sets in properly and shows up in photos. Makeup artists know exactly what to enhance and highlight so that it is apparent in photos but not too excessive in real life. Even if you think you got what it takes, you only get one chance to get those perfect wedding pics, so is the risk worth it?

Recreating looks is a breeze

Whether you know exactly what you want or only have a general idea, your makeup artist can work with it! A good idea is to first find some photos or Pinterest posts that are similar to what you’d want so that you can show them to your makeup artist during your makeup trial. They should be skilled enough to recreate any look, no matter whether you’re going for a natural glow or a dazzling colourful look. After all, when you’re paying for a makeup artist, you’re not just paying for their products or time – you are also paying for their makeup expertise!


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