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This page is dedicated to all frequently asked questions, whether that maybe for applying makeup yourself, finding a makeup artist and what to look for, or even how to maximise the use of our platform. The page will also cover current trends and themes within the Beauty Industry. If YOU have any questions or topics that haven’t been covered, please send them in to admin@blenddirect.com.au

What Should Makeup And Hair Cost?

Your wedding day is one that you’ll be taking many photos on, creating memories to be cherished and held close to your heart. It’s an amazing day – and not the time to cheap out on makeup or hair! Once you’ve taken your wedding photos, there’s no changing them. Yet,

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Girl looking at her skin after applying makeup

How To Find A Makeup Service In Sydney?

No matter how good your makeup skills are, there is only so far that your makeup can go without the help of a professional makeup artist. Watching countless tutorials on YouTube or flicking through thousands of Instagram looks still does not beat the skill and experience that a makeup artist

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Do I Need A Makeup Artist For My Wedding?

When you’re in the process of planning your wedding day, it can be easy to overlook your makeup! Whether makeup is or isn’t important to you, good makeup can make the difference between fantastic or ghastly wedding photos – so it’s worthwhile to give some extra thought to it. You

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natural wedding makeup being applied

What Is Natural Wedding Makeup?

Natural wedding makeup can mean something different for every bride. For some, it may mean huge eyelashes with contour and blush – but for others, it could just mean a tint of eyeshadow and some light foundation. Generally, when referring to natural wedding makeup, most tend to mean the latter

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Top Wedding Makeup Tips

Wedding days tend to come faster than you think. And, while you spend time thinking about wedding decorations, the dress, the venue, and a thousand other things, you can easily forget about your makeup! Your makeup can make a huge difference not just to your wedding photos, but to your

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wedding makeup

The Best Wedding Makeup Products

Makeup should play an important part in your wedding preparations. Make sure you don’t overlook it, and you’ll be glowing on your special day – and will look amazing in your wedding photos! When choosing makeup for your wedding, choose some that is bold and helps you stand out. Before

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Three Reasons Why Foundation Settles Into Pores

Last week, I had a trial with a bridal client who had generally good skin, just some larger pores around her nose. I thought to myself, too easy, and I filled the hollows with a primer that targets pores. Her skin looked immediately smoother, brighter, and perfectly prepared for foundation. As I

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Finding the Right Makeup Artist

Welcome to Blend Direct’s first blog post. I’m so excited to be on board with this intuitive platform that connects clients with makeup artists. Did you know that right now, you can tag @blend.direct on Instagram for a repost? You can read more about Blend Direct here. My Experience in Finding

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