The Best Wedding Makeup Products
wedding makeup

Makeup should play an important part in your wedding preparations. Make sure you don’t overlook it, and you’ll be glowing on your special day – and will look amazing in your wedding photos!

When choosing makeup for your wedding, choose some that is bold and helps you stand out. Before making the final choice on what makeup you’ll be using, make sure you have a particular look in mind since this will affect some of your options. However, for a general look, it is highly recommended you use the products listed below.


Using a primer is the secret to achieving smooth skin and flawless makeup. Even if you don’t use primer for your daily makeup, it is essential for your wedding since it’ll help your foundation stay on for the day. Regardless of your skin type, primer is made to minimise your pore appearance and to create a smooth skin texture, helping to cover any blemishes you might not have been able to hide otherwise.



It goes without saying for any foundation – but, particularly for your wedding day, make sure to get the foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. You can easily match your foundation by first determining your undertones.

Your undertone options are either warm, cool, or neutral. To determine yours, look at the overall tone of your skin and your veins. Usually, blue veins mean you have cool undertones, a mixture of blue and green means that you have neutral undertones, and green veins mean that you have warm undertones.

Once you’ve completed this step, look for foundation that corresponds with your undertones and matches the shade of your skin. Foundation is formulated with blurring and mattifying powders to give you a glowing and fresh appearance once applied. Similar to primer, it helps minimise the appearance of your pores and smooth over any blemishes.


Bronzer is used to give your skin a touch of extra glow. While you can get a similar effect by using spray tan, a fake tan maximises your risks of getting streaks and uneven discoloured patches on your skin. Using a bronzer helps you play it safe while letting you achieve the same exhilarating results! Bronzer instantly brings together your complexion – while also giving a chiselled look to your cheeks and forehead.


As the name suggests, highlight recreates flattering shades of light on your face and draws attention to your best feature in a mellow manner. These fine powders soften harder lights while also enhancing the quality of your skin, minimising the appearance of uneven areas and adding an overall bright appearance. This is the perfect option if you’re looking for a natural finish.

Kiss-proof Lipstick

Remember that on your wedding day you’ll be drinking, kissing, eating and so on, so you gotta get your hands on lipstick that will last! Look for a lipstick shade that is complementary to your wedding dress and other makeup and ensure to keep it near you in case you need to do some quick touch-ups. Generally, the safest shade is a matte one since it’s unlikely to clash with your other makeup while also giving you a soft and finished look.


False lashes can really help to bring your makeup together while also enhancing your eye shape and colour. There are many different types of lashes you could use depending on your preference, some of the most popular ones being natural, whispy, volume, and glam. False lashes also help to avoid any mascara rubbing off and staining your other makeup! For your wedding day, it is highly recommended to choose a natural, whispy pair. These lashes will give you a subtle yet noticeable difference of a thicker lash line – and will be prominent enough in photos.


Waterproof Mascara

If lashes aren’t for you, no need to worry! There is always the option of wearing some waterproof mascara. Mascara includes a carefully crafted array of black pigments and lash intensifying powers to help you achieve a glamourous and empowering look. With just a few swipes and an eyelash curler, you’re all set for the day. Just ensure you get some waterproof mascara instead of a regular one since this helps you stay prepared for any emotional tears that may come along the way.

Setting Spray

Setting spray works very similar to primer except you spray some over your face after finishing your makeup. The main purpose of setting spray is to help your makeup last throughout the day and to stay fresh and lively looking. Nothing is worse than getting your makeup looking perfect and then having it quickly rub off during your big day. You may also choose to use some setting powder, which works just like setting spray – except sometimes it tints your skin tone


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